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The Hotel and Catering School A. Saffi has its school building in the grounds of a scholastic complex in the residential quarter of San Salvi/Coverciano, an area equipped with a sports arena gymnasium and other sport facilities.

Opened in 1952, it was the first hotel and catering school to be opened up in Italy and although others have opened up since then, Aurelio Saffi retains its prestigious name and has proved its ability to form professionals to a very high level whether in tourism or in catering services. Always in touch with the working world through training courses (stages) organized by the school with the support of hotel chains and restaurant services, all of which are selectively chosen.

It is very much a European school, able to meet the standards required by the students on a national or international level. A school that appreciates its tradition but always open to innovations thanks to the highly qualified personnel and to the presence of highly equipped laboratories and ever advancing technology.


Sede via del Mezzetta, 15

tel. 055666383 - 055677142
fax 055670597



Succ. Gramsci via del Mezzetta, 15

tel. 055609956 - 055610229
fax 055606815

  codice fiscale: 80032250484    
Succ. Nicolodi via Nicolodi, 2 tel. 0555002185 
fax 0555059422
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Succ. La Fantina Erta Canina, 23 tel e fax 0552466474      

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